Thursday, December 10, 2009

Animal Sarifce in Pakistan

Qurbani (Animal Sacrifice to Please God)

What you are about to see may turn your stomach. But it is not any worse than what happens to animals on factory farms, right here in the USA.

There is one difference, however: In the US, this degree of animal abuse takes place behind closed doors, away from the public eye, because such acts are considered shameful and disgust the public.

Not so in Pakistan. There, no one feels ashamed, because they believe they are carrying out God's will.


Camel Qurbani 2008

Karachi camel qurbani

Camel qurbani at Nazimabadi#2 Part 1 (Bakra Eid 2008)

Camel qurbani in Azizabad 2

Nahar (Camel Qurbani)

Camel Qurbani Nahr At F B Area Block 4,

Qurbani in Karachi 2009

Amazing Black Bull qurbani 2

Amazing Black Bull qurbani 3


"The flesh does not reach Allah, nor does their blood,
BUT THE PIETY from you reaches Him"
(The Quran - Al-Haj-V-37).

, is precisely what is missing from the scene, and nowhere to be found on the streets of Karachi or anywhere else in Pakistan. There hardly seems to be a shred of piety or spirituality among the participants who in their mind are trying to please God.
What is apparent that the ritual has devolved into an orgy of sadistic animal slaughter, an excuse for the display of our primitive bloodlust. This is the very opposite of Hazrat Ibrahim's humble “sacrifice…..” ------ Syed Rizvi,5487,5477,5462,5456


Man prays for mercy, but is unwilling to extend it to others.
Why should man then expect mercy from God?
It's unfair to expect something that you are not willing to give...
I'm not against organized religion, but I don't take part in it.
Especially when they interpret their religious books as being in favor of meat-eating.
Sometimes they say He wants sacrifice and the killing of animals.
If this is true, then I would never be able to comply.
But I think God is wiser and more merciful than that.

(Isaac Bashevis Singer, Noble Laureate)

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